Jim (jimmyjimjim) wrote,

Level 1 weekend is all over

Im back in Yarmouth now,its so nice to talk to my girlfriend again and lay in my own bed, this weekend was level 1 certification. It was a 4 - 5 hour drive between here and the fire school. We had 21 different evolutions we had to complete. They have started doing random testes now. The instructors dont even know hom many tests or what tests we will have to do untill a little before we get there. We had 21 different evolutions and I passed them all.

There was one where we had to replace a length of charged hoseline, I never knew when you took off 1 piece you are supposed to put 2 on to replace it, they passed me anyway because I did the rest right. I was surprised when they told us we had to do the maze, it was a confined space excercise where we had to crawl and climb through a dark enclosed trailer. I did the maze in Yarmouth and hated it, but it was easy at the school. Anyway, now all I need is to catch up to my training officer for haz mat, Im going to try to talk him into teaching me awareness and ops at the same time, and the lady has been slow with my CPR course but after that I will be certified level 1, then I can start studting for level 2,I dont know how long it will be before we can do any tests. They said the department is doing a vehicle ex. cours soon, so Im going to get into that. Then all I'll need is advanced rescue or confined space rescue, Im not sure which they call it.

Anyway, Im just pretty proud now. I was sure I knew all the stuff, but I was afraid I would forget to do some little thing and mess up, but I did good.I think I was one of only a few out of 19 that passed all the tests.
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