Jim (jimmyjimjim) wrote,

Enough is enough....

Today at around 9:30 am, my pager went off. A mutual aid call to another department. I ran from work to the appartment, which is only a few streets down. I grabbed my bike and I rode the 7 or 8 blocks to the station. By the time I got there I was out of breath and I felt sick. I thought about what would happen if I went into the house with another firefighter that trusted me, and I let them down, because I was out of shape. I realised at that point, that I had given another piece of me to this long distance, and to her parents. Disgusted with myself, I turned around and headed back to the apartment, just as unit 26, with the real firefighters went by.

I am a tolerant man, I am probably one of the most tolerant men you will ever know. But there is a catch, my tolerance doesnt fade, it snaps. Since tha day Cheryl told her father about me, nearing 2 years now, I have been tolerant, understanding, trustworth, faithfull, respectful and honest. There has been little to no change in the way they treat me or Cheryl or us as a couple, and I will have no more. A man that will stand by and watch another man fade away giving his all and not lift a finger to help, a man that would watch his daughter suffer miserably, is a man that desreves absolutly no respect in my opinion.

I have given up my friends, my money, my time, my family, and now my health. I have no more to give, and I will give no more.

However I am a fair man, I will write one more letter, and give one last effort. As of the end of this month, if there is no change, I am through with them.

The time has come to take charge of my life, those that want to be a part of it had better step up, and those that dont, get the hell out of my way...
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