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Wow , its been almost a year since ive posted anything in here. Part of the reason is because my computer died months ago. First the hard drive crashed, so I got an old one from a friend, that worked for a day or 2 before that went crazy and started making noises and then just froze. So I got another hard drive from the same friend. This one was better, he got it out of his computer, he didnt need it because his power source in his computer was fried. Anyway, my modem wouldnt work with the new hard drive and in the iddle of trying to fox that the windows xp that was on it decided it needed to be registerd and I didnt have the registration number.

Ive bought a new computer now, I got it from a friend who sold it to me for 900 dollars. He spent 2000 on it a few months ago, and he gave me his computer chair and desk and some cd's with it so thats good.

My car died and for the last few days Ive had that Adam Sandler song in my head "Piece of shit car". It wasnt bad enough that I had to pop the hood and plug my headlights in when I wanted them on, or that my drivers side door was literaly falling off, now the head gasket is gone and theres oil everywhere. I had to push the damn thing and mess with it for about 2 hours. But now its officially dead, I had to ride my bike to work today, that doesnt even work right, the gear shifter is broke and I have to peddal like hell to get anywhere but thats gonna be fixed tomorrow.

Theres been something on my mind for a bit, about seat belts. I used to think it was crazy not to wear one untill I went to a car accident a few months ago. A couple young guys had been drinking and they were driving home. From what I was told they picked up a guy and a few girls they knew. The girls were lucky because they dropped them off. On the way to take the guy home they were obviously speeding because they left the road and took out 2 telephone poles, half way up the pole. The jeep ended up ontop of a hill. The guy that was hitch-hiking was the only one with a seatbelt on, he was also the only one left in the jeep and he was pretty dead. The guy they suspect was driving was thrown from the jeep. He now has brain damage and is being charged. The guy in the passengers side had no seat belt and he died at the hospital. I think the part that got to me the most wasnt the mess at the scene or anything, but the fact that the guy hitch-hiking did nothing wrong, besides getting in the jeep. But he wore his seatbelt and he was the one that as far as I can tell had the least chance of surviving.

Anyway this is already too long. Bye.
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