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bad day could have been worse

Wow, its been a long time since I wrote anything in here.

Today there was a car accident on the highway. I didnt make the call because Im not allowed to leave work but I went to the department right after work to help clean up and I heard all about it from the guys. In a way Im glad I didnt go, because that would mean no sleep for me tonight. In other ways Id like to have gone for the experience, seems we dont have many car accidents anymore, which is good.

Funny how just seeing how everything effected some of the guys effects me. Theres a guy whos fairly new to the department, were pretty good friends, I guess Ive sorta helped him a bit through lvl 1. This was his first fatal car accident and I listened to him tell me about it, its good to listen when people wanna talk about that stuff. But as he told me about it I started to develop a mental picture of everything, from blood on the road to how the bodies were positioned.

I dont think people realize how hard things like that are on police paramedics and fire fighters. Sure we see it more often than most. Its even been said that firefighters experience as much and possibly more trama than a vietnam vet. People think emergency crews see that stuff all the time and they get used to it. Well nobody gets used to it no matter how many times you see it. And if you do get used to it theres something wrong with you. We dont get used to it we learn to deal with it. We go to those calls and pull bodies out of cars and houses and other places you wouldnt imagine and it doesnt end when the call ends. It sticks with you. I can sit and describe the scene of the first accident I ever went to, and I could do it in more detail than I could if I told you about my day yesterday. To this day everytime I drive by that place I can still see it and it brings back memories of more than just the accident scene.

Anyway, this is getting too long. Just remember, drive safe and be safe. Because if you get in an accident its not just you that pays for it.
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